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    • EvenFlo ® Feedwell

      2021-10-26 · The thickener or clarifier is the major piece of equipment used to recover water in mineral and industrial processes. The one thing all thickeners have in common, the feedwell, is the core of every thickener''s performance. A thickener relies on a feedwell for even distribution of solids and flocculation of suspended particles.


      2017-4-3 · hIGh RATE ThICKENER ... Paste Thickening is an environmentally friendly method used to compact and store tailings at ultra-high densities. To gain the maximum efficiency DELKOR has developed a system to reduce the yield stress generated by these paste like slurries. Our newly developed shear thinning system imparts energy effieciently in a well ...

    • Nano Structure Urea Grease: Performance and Application

      2018-4-20 · Miniaturize thickener in ultra-high shear field Fiberize the thickener in stirring mixing field Finishing Line Mixing Batch Mixing Milling No Need Necessary Reaction /イソシアネート Amine Solution/アミン Isocyanate Solution Amine Solution Isocyanate Solution 2. INS-UG 1) Structure Shear rate 104~105 s-1 Urea Grease 8

    • Thickner, Thickner direct from Henan Xingyang Mining ...

      High efficient mineral tailing mining thickener Mine Slurry Tank Gravity Tailing Thickener. $2,099.90 - $52,999.90 / Set. 1.0 Sets (Min. Order) Add to Favorites.

    • Energy Saving Thickener For Wolframite In Zambia

      talc processing plant ultra high rate thickener. High rate copper ore mining thickener for zambia copper beneficiation process Get Price Get Price high efficiency energy saving thickener for copper mining Gold Mining Machine Jinpeng Cil Small Gold Processing Plant Find Complete We can process many kinds of ore such as gold silver copper lead ...

    • Thickeners Rev 2

      2015-5-28 · pilot thickener plant allowing Wa to continually develop state of the art technologies for specific applications. Wa offers conventional thickeners, Hirate thickeners, Ultra Hirate thickeners and paste thickeners. Thickener diameters up to 35 m are available with the rake mechanism supported

    • Paste Thickeners

      2020-10-13 · percentage points higher than underflow from a high-rate thickener. The WesTech Deep BedTM paste thickener is the latest advancement in the evolution of this style of thickener. To be able to consistently dewater the tailings slurry to a non-settling and non-segregating suspension, WesTech Deep BedTM paste thickener design includes:

    • Thickeners

      2021-10-26 · 250 Million Gallons. That''s the amount of water saved per day from McLanahan Thickeners throughout North America. McLanahan''s vast range of Thickeners are ideal when water is in short supply or very expensive, or when in need of reducing or eliminating settling ponds.

    • Measuring Settling Rates and Calculating Thickener Capacity

      2016-3-3 · The following is an illustration of the method used in computing the area and depth required in a thickener to handle 100 tons of pulp per day, thickening from 6 parts fluid to 1 part solids down to 1.12 parts fluid to 1 part solids. Fig.7- Slime-Settling Data, …

    • TOP? Thickener

      HiFlo™ High Rate Thickener WesTech has a worldwide installation base with application experience across the spectrum for minerals and industrial high rate thickening applications. WesTech''s HiFlo Thickener equipped with the TOP Ten features is an industr y-leading, applicationspecific solution that will provide: • Lower flocculent ...

    • High-Efficiency Thickener

      High-Efficiency Thickener |. 【Introduction】: New efficient thickening equipment independently developed by Xinhai. 【 Capacity 】: 5-1400t/d. 【Improvement】: This thickener is a patent product of Xinhai, patent No. 201010521662.5. After improvement, the capacity becomes larger, overflow with low turbidity and discharge with a high ...

    • AltaFlo™ Ultra High-Rate Thickeners | PHOENIX Process ...

      AltaFlo™ Ultra High-Rate Thickeners / Clarifiers. The PHOENIX AltaFlo™ Thickener is a rake-less thickener that provides ultra high-rate mixing, flocculation, and internal dilution followed by clarification and positive sludge collection and removal in a single tank. The Thickener''s unique internal geometry, a deep sidewall and steep conical ...

    • Energy Saving Thickener For Rutile In Zambia

      efficient thickener gold mining service energy saving 728 products About 16 of these are mining thickener 4 are stabilizers and 3 are acidity regulators Mineral copper ore thickener tankgold ore thickener for sale high efficiency copper ore thickener concentrator . talc processing plant ultra high rate thickener

    • Gravity Sedimentation Thickeners And Clarifiers

      2021-1-6 · High-Rate Thickener. Diameters are typically 140 ft. or more with operating torques of 600,000 ft.-Lbs. This is a high throughput machine designed for large loadings. Cable Torque Thickener. The arm rake automatically raises when periods of heavy sludge are encountered.

    • Resources

      2021-10-26 · AltaFlo™ Ultra High-Rate Thickener. Minerals. Anaerobic Digester Covers. Industrial Municipal. Anaerobic Digestion Solutions. ... Clarifier Upgrade Improves Efficiency. ... Retrofit Boosts Plant Performance with Updated Membranes. Municipal. Retrofitting Membrane Filtration. Municipal.

    • PHOENIX AltaFlo Thickener

      2013-6-10 · PHOENIX AltaFlo™ Thickener PHOENIX has long been a market leader in separation, classification, thickening, and dewatering equipment for the aggregate industry. One recent innovation is the AltaFlo™ Ultra High Rate Thickener, featuring: • No moving parts • Minimal space requirements

    • High-rate Thickener | FL

      High-rate Thickeners are designed to provide roughly 12 times the throughput of conventional machines of similar size. The key features for high-capacity thickeners are the feedwell design and the feed slurry dilution method. Our patented E-Volute™ …

    • high performance updated efficient thickener in peru

      2018-6-7 It is a next-generation high-shear associative thickener. It is ultra efficient, best in class ICI performance and is tin-free. Rheovis® PU 1331 by BASF is recommended for low-VOC systems. Used in high PVC paints, matt / interior, silk / semi-gloss, wood.

    • Thickeners versus centrifuges a coal tailings technical ...

      a high-rate thickener to a solid bowl centrifuge with respect to numerous process, mechanical, electrical, control, layout and operator variables. Process variables include feed, effluent water discharge, retention time, and centrifuge cake moisture/thickener underflow percent solids. A comparison of a 33 m diameter

    • Thickener

      AltaFlo™ High-rate Thickener Overview: The AltaFlo™ ultra high-rate thickener is a rake-less thickener that provides mixing, ... moreover they are able to assure high thickening efficiency ... Compare this product Remove from comparison tool. See the other products O.C.M. SRL - Italy . gravity thickener. for wastewater treatment plants.

    • Thickener

      l Feeding system is able to adequately degas and control feeding rate of slurry, as well as control flocculants dosage. l Arc mud scraping rake blades with log spiral distribution are adopted which have smaller running resistance and higher efficiency. Equipment Type. Ø GNZ New Central Drive High Rate Thickener

    • The performance of centrifugal pumps when pumping …

      2012-11-21 · efficiency decreases as the slurry yield stress increases. The head de-rating data shows more head de-rating at the low flow rates compared to the high flow rates for the high viscosity slurry, which is in line with the findings of Walker and Goulas (1984). This paper demonstrates that it is possible to pump very viscous, high yield

    • Difference Between Clarifier and Thickener

      2015-12-14 · High rate thickeners; HOW THICKENERS WORK. Feed enters the velocity break box where excess energy is removed from the slurry prior to entering the Thickener feed pipe. Flocculant is added into the feed pipe and mixes with the solids, forming larger agglomerations, that will rapidly settle to the bottom of the Thickener.

    • Magra

      Magra Process Engineering (Pty) Ltd. – Global leader in High-Rate Thickeners. 100+ times smaller footprint with comparable flocculant consumption to conventional rake thickeners and no moving parts. Feed densities up to 55 % discharging underflow at 70 % (solution could be halved) – no other thickener can compare. DOWNLOADS.

    • Viscosity & Viscosity Modifiers

      2018-7-12 · Shear Rate, sec-1 106 107 Viscosity, mPa-s 5 0 10 15 Other additives VM Thickening Non-Newtonian Viscosity decreases with shear rate Oil with VM Low shear viscosity of engine oil Base Stocks Temporary viscosity loss Newtonian Viscosity is constant at all shear rates Kinematic Viscosity Shear Rate Ring Zone, Bearings, Valve Train Shear Rate High ...

    • HiFlo™ High-Rate Thickeners | PHOENIX Process Equipment

      PHOENIX High Rate Thickeners clarify wash plant effluent water while thickening the slurry to 40-45% solids, greatly reducing the sludge volume going to the slurry pond. They provide rapid liquid-solid separation of high flow rates with optimum flocculation.

    • High Rate Thickeners at Best Price in India

      High Rate Thickener (HRT) is a relatively old concept in the world market by now. HRTs with interestingly different design features, have overcome many of the disadvantages of a conventionally designed Thickener. The improved design features have been helpful in …

    • Fixed Constant Velocity Joint with Ultra High Angle and ...

      2020-8-6 · Fixed Constant Velocity Joint with Ultra High Angle and High Efficiency "CFJ-W" 3.3 A chieving High Efficiency & a Large Maximum Working Angle (50 Degrees-Plus) Within conventional joint (i.e. EBJs, VUJs) structures, the ball tracks on the inner and outer race are formed in an arc shape (shown in Fig. 5), with the arc centers

    • Water Treatment,Sludge treatment: digestors, thickeners ...

      AltaFlo™ High-rate Thickener Overview: The AltaFlo™ ultra high-rate thickener is a rake-less thickener that provides mixing, flocculation and internal dilution followed by clarification and positive sludge collection and removal in a ...

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